Ryan Falconer

Ryan Falconer

Young Entrepreneur Finalist

Skillstep - Corporate training that delivers results

1. Addressing a need
America's spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year - the highest growth rate in 7 years. Worldwide, training costs millions every year. Skillstep can reduce medium to large companies’ spend on un-optimised training days in costly venues.

2. Skillstep gets results
Applying Skillstep principles will see a reduction in the time that staff are away from their desks. It ensures that corporate training is tailored to the individual to allow for career progression and new competencies.

3. Keeping it simple
Training is kept simple and relevant to the person undertaking it. Rather than one size fits all, training is delivered precisely where it is required personalised to need.

4. Cutting costs and boosting learning
We understand m-Learning and e-Learning (EdTech). Skillstep will reduce the inflated costs associated with training to produce a cost effective way for staff to progress in their careers.

5. Training when and where you want it - ready to go
Whether at desk or accessed through an app Skillstep’s EdTech training delivers what staff need to advance and acquire new skills in training, delivered directly, promptly and relevantly.

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I'd be happy to discuss in more detail how Skillstep can save considerably on your budget spend by offering bespoke corporate training for your employees.

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